Analysis : ' Halo ' Essay

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Halo -Beyonce
Halo by Beyonce related to Matched because the lyrics reminded me of the relationship between Ky and Cassia. There used to be a well between them, but when she get to know him more she can’t stop thinking of him. He the one who encourage her to break the law of the society and she not scared to do so. I think that is line of the song define the secret between them “Every rule I had you breaking. The risk that I’m taking.”
A Thousand Year -Christina Perri
It about waiting for a loved one and waiting to be united. Cassia she wait everyday for the time to come when she get to get together with Ky. Everyday they get closer to each other. One day when he sent to war she will be waiting for him again. No matter what she still love him and will find him.
มากกว่ารัก -โรส ศิรินทิพย์ ( More Than Love - Rose Sirintip )
She had waited half of her life to find the right guy. When she finally find the man, the one who fulfil her heart. She know that he the one. Cassia can’t wait to be matched. When she matched with Xander she didn’t really know if she love him, but with Ky she know on her own that he is the one who she is in love with.
รักไม่ต้องการเวลา -หนูนา หนึ่งธิดา ( Love Don’t Need Time - Noona Nuengtida )
She thought that love is the bond that they had for a long time. When she meet someone else her world changed. It is like Cassia, she thought that she love Xander, when Ky come along he change her world and become her everything in a short period of time.
War is…

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