Analysis : ' Halo Effect ' Essays

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Midterm questions
1. Value in relation to critical thinking is defined as is defined as a standard of behavior of a person or his principles which make him judge the important things in life. Kindness is one of my core values which I have adopted since I was young as a result of interaction with kind people in my family and my society who taught me how to give in order to gain more.
2. The “halo effect” is one of the cognitive biases which affects our impression towards something or someone. The overall impression towards a person affects our personal feelings towards a person which makes a person judge the character of the person depending on his perception. The ‘halo effect’ has affected me in many decision-making situations because it affects my judgment towards a person depending on how I perceive a person. My critical way of thinking is attached to the ‘halo effect’ which makes me trust a person. However, not all situations require the use of ‘halo effect’ in the way of thinking. In making critical decisions, the halo effect way of thinking may be ineffective because judgment according to personal perception of a person makes me make a decision in favor of the person.
3. An issue can be defined as a controversy or a question which is responsible for defects in a conversation. Descriptive issues are about facts and they raise the questions about the accuracy of events or descriptions of the past, the present, and the future.…

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