Essay Analysis Go the Man Who Hugged Woman

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The Man Who Hugged Woman by Mischa Hiller

Relationships can be based on a variety of backgrounds and emotions. Some are based on true love while others are less romantic and based more out of practical matters. These relationships can provide comfort and security if the two parties are approaching the relationship with the same expectations. But if ones approach is different from the other then the relation ship will often seem and feel crooked and result in a unhealthy and unsustainable relationship. This is exactly what Mischa Hiller is trying to describe in her short story “The Man Who Hugged Woman”. The short story tells the story of two middle aged woman who both feels an absence of love and comfort and tries to solve it by
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In fact Freya admits to the fact that she sometimes wants to be more as pearl (page 7, line 24) ”but the truth was she would love to be a bit more like Pearl. We are never told what this big secret is, but we know that Freya feels connected and sometimes as if she has a debt to Pearl.

As earlier mentioned Freya's best friend is called Pearl. While Freya seems to be the smart one in their friendship it is clear the pearl is the more open hearted of the two of them. Freya therefore dos not see pearl as someone to learn from but instead of someone who will always be there for her for instance when there is crunch back home in her love life which is often the subject of their talks. And the talks goes both ways because pearl is equally as unsatisfied with here marriage as Freya. Pearl also being the more vigorous of them is the one who decides to actually doing something about here unhappiness but when Pearl finally has to see the man who hugs woman she bails on Freya and Freya finally steps ups and takes the appointment instead of Pearl. It is therefore clear how much they support each other because Pearl would never have maked it to the clinic without Freya and Freya would never even have the courage to

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