Analysis: Fierce Foliage Never Again

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Fierce Foliage Never Again!
So I got a job and I 've been saving up for a while so that I can buy a car. I got a job at Sam Levitz, the one buy our school which shares the same parking lot with I Hop. So I saved up around 1,000 dollars and one day after I had gotten my hair retwisted by my sister she was taking me home. As we were leaving her house I asked her about her old car because she had told me before that she was going to sell it for 1,000. It never clicked in my mind that I should buy the car from her. I guess I felt kind of weird that I would be buying it from her when my older brother was looking for a car for 1,000 also and he also needed a way to get around. I guess I felt like he needed it more than I did. But then of course he
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And at that time my back wheels where already over that little slanted lip that separates the road and the sidewalk. O then once I got my hands situated I took my foot off the break but the car wouldn’t move so I was like alright, I need some gas. So I was trying to do that slowly and it was working gout so far I started to move up. I wanted to be extremely careful though because my room is right in front of the house where I park the car. And it being a new car and all I haven 't really gotten a great feel for how it controls and how much room it takes up. So by then, after my hand slipping to had completely forgotten about which way the wheel was turned. I saw how crooked I was and I when forward to straighten it out and when started to move out into the road again my right side view mirror bends inward toward the car. My side mirrors aren 't supposed to bend by the way. To then when I get back out in front the tree I straighten out the wheel and everything was fine. Only I wish it ended there. I start to back up again and my mirror hits the tree again and my mirror now starts to bend the other way, away from the car and then after passing the tree it snaps back into place for the second time. By this point I

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