Analysis : Cave Men Stories Essay

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Many years ago when humans appeared on earth, they began to develop the sense of survival. One vital asset to survival was gathering food. Cave men stories have taught its readers and listeners that they used tools such as spears to capture food, which was mainly meats. As the timeline progressed, settlers got the idea to crop farms to grow goods such as corn, wheat, and fruit. Just as the idea of planting crops, technology was advancing eventually making it easier to transport goods.
The first form of transportation was walking. Nomads were the masters of this skill. According to, a nomad is “a member of people or tribe that has no permanent bode, but moves about from place to place” ( They often moved around to find landscape for their livestock. Those who were not nomads created villages and began to grow their own produce. Looking back at history, particular geographical locations flourished with certain goods due to the response of the good of it surrounding. This caught the attention of settlers and gave them the incentive to grow their best crops in order to trade. In economic terms, trade is a transaction, which is “an agreement between a buyer and seller to exchange goods” ( Due to now technological advantages, people in other locations around the world did not know about which settlers were growing which goods, but technology began to evolve as well as helping transportation in order to get goods from one place to…

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