Analysis : ' Brass ' Essay

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October 17, 2016 Reaction Paper #5 Simon Brass The main focus of this week’s readings is whether or not Islam can coexist within a liberal state which in many ways I feel inadequate to answer given my lack of knowledge of both the Islamic faith and its laws. However, two major questions emerged that I see as problematic when attempting to answer this question. The first is how can we determine whether or not a doctrine is ‘compatible’ with liberalism when there are seemingly endless and varying interpretations of said doctrine? The second problem is if the doctrine needs to be radically and thoroughly ‘revamped’ then will it a certain cense cease to be an authentic representation of the doctrine and will the religiously devout accept this? This of course assumes that there is such a thing as an ‘authentic’ representation given the vast degree of disagreement amongst believers. I found the El Fadl article interesting because I hadn’t realized the degree of controversy surrounding the issue of whether or not Muslims could live in non-Muslims states. From my understanding of the text a vast degree of different responses have been put forward by Islamic scholars throughout history. Some seem to suggest that a devout Muslim should not even set foot in a territory that is not governed by Islamic law, whereas others argue that Muslims can live in non-Islamic states as long as they are allowed to freely practice their faith. Now given the modern context the second reading…

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