Analysis : ' Blind Versus Sight ' Essay example

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Blind versus Sight is a theme that runs throughout Oedipus Rex and is used for literal and figurative examples. Oedipus has hubris which blinds him from the bigger picture and affects his viewpoint on problems and how he is so ignorant he only sees his outcome. Teiresias is literally blind and can not see but he has the eyes of Apollo, meaning that he knows what happens in the future and sees problems in a much bigger proportion and how it will affect everyone involved. Oedipus is arguing to Teiresias on who killed Laius and wants an answer and is suspicious of him. Oedipus says to Teiresias “Truth is not in you for your eyes , your mind, you are blind” and says this because he is enraged at Teiresias for not revealing Oedipus’s fate (Sophocles 444-445). Teiresias does not reveal his fate because he knows Oedipus will try to change it and sees the bigger picture and how it could ruin Oedipus’s life. Oedipus is becoming more enraged because of Teiresias is speaking in riddles and will not answer Oedipus’s question. Teiresias then says “You live in endless darkness of the night so you can never injure me or any man” meaning that Oedipus is so enraged that what he is saying is pointless because he is not thinking about what he is saying and the result if he get his outcome (Sophocles 448-449). Blind versus sight really affects Oedipus and he his figuratively blind because of how he wants his way and only his way which lets him not see the bigger picture and does not realise…

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