Analysis And Evaluation Of The Theory Of Transpersonal Caring

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Analysis and Evaluation of the Theory of Transpersonal Caring The profession of nursing has many theories that originated from nurses in the early eras. These theories were built off the nurse’s own experience, practice, and philosophies. Theories have provided structure and guidance for the discipline of nursing today. Jean Watson’s Theory of Transpersonal Caring discusses the importance of the formation of a caring relationship between the nurse and the patient. This author will take this theory and discuss the level and scope, assumptions, and analyze and evaluate the theory using a specific strategy.
Level and Scope The Theory of Transpersonal Caring is an explanatory, middle range nursing theory. Middle range theories are narrow in scope, more precise, and have fewer variables to consider. They represent only a small part in nursing reality (Peterson, 2013). The main focus of Watson’s theory is human caring. Major elements in this theory include the ten carative factors which are discussed in detail in the caritas process, a transpersonal caring relationship, a caring moment, and caring healing modalities. The focus in these elements is how caring in a holistic approach can be beneficial to the nurse, the patient, and their relationship. This middle range theory emphasizes on caring and the interconnection of the nurse and the patient (Lukose, 2011).
Watson’s theory is an explanatory theory. Explanatory theories describe the relationship between the…

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