Analysis And Comparison Of Capitalist Economies Essays

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Pratistha Shrestha
PUBP 503-003
Assignment #1
Oct 13th 2014
Analysis and Comparison of Capitalist Economies
Capitalism has become an integral part of today’s modern economy. Rapid globalization has brought changes in the economic structures of different countries. This has lead to the emergence of various types of capitalist economies that vary with the cultures and government structures of countries around the world. Since all these economies have their own approach, it is very important to understand the “hidden side” of how these diverse countries practice their “capitalist ways” for the economic success. These economies have their own set of “deep structure of beliefs” that shape the country’s economic power and limitation (Hamden-Turner and Trompenaars 1993, pp. 3-4). In this regard, the American, Japanese, German, French, British, Swedish and the Dutch’s capitalist economies can be compared and categorized together through the concepts of individualism, communitarianism, universalism and particularism. The United States, Holland, Sweden and Britain are capitalist economies that are considered powerful around the world. A common similarity can be explained between these capitalist economies through the concept of individualism which is one of their core ideologies. Individualism places high importance to each person’s growth “while assuring that the needs of the community and the organization are well served by these individuals” (Hampden-Turner and…

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