Analysis: An Oblivious Awakening

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An Oblivious Awakening

We walk past them weekly. We see their stories in the media. We read about them in magazines. However, we don’t know that we are contributing to the pain and suffering they experience. “They” are the victims of poverty. With more than 2.2 million Australians living in poverty, we should be ashamed of this increasing figure. Poverty is a relative concept used to describe the people in a society that cannot afford the essentials that others take for granted. People living in poverty not only have low levels of income; they also miss out on opportunities and resources that most take for granted, such as adequate health care, housing, education, food and recreation.

Every member of society is responsible for the well-being
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This gap is a factor of poverty and one which we can control. Do you see the homeless and have the desire to help? The best way to begin making a difference is by changing ourselves and the way in which we live in our world. We need to be more conservative and appreciate the basic standards of living to a greater extent. We need to assist in minimising the gap between the rich and the poor, to allow greater opportunity for the victims of poverty to initiate a stable life. If we act selflessly and distribute the goods of our nation fairly, this offers those suffering a greater …show more content…
Small contributions can make a huge difference. You can donate books, school supplies, clothes, food, money and blankets. You can buy products from companies that donate a portion to charity. You can raise awareness and reach out to individuals personally. Show that you care by not consuming too much. Show that you care by working as a volunteer for organisations that actually do something for those who need help. Most importantly, be thankful for what you

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