Analysis : ' A Lot On How Single Mothers Are Generally Viewed As A Bad Thing

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The essay that Katie Roiphe wrote say a lot on how single mothers are generally viewed as a bad thing. She brings up many points that Americans think single mothers cause great harm to their children and that she believes them to be wrong. Roiphe’s essay uses a lot of pathos and ethos, and she states how poverty is a big cause in children going bad. Roiphe explains how America views single mother family being very destructive for children. She then tells the reader that she herself is a single mother with two children. She states that “I am lucky enough to be living in financially stable, relatively privileged circumstances…”(Roiphe 58) She is telling the reader that even though she is a single mother she is very successful and has the same opportunity’s that a family with both parents together would have. She opens the essay explaining her situation to give a bit of ethos and pathos so that the reader may side with her more when they continue reading. Most of the pathos comes from when she is talking about her son Leo and how he enjoys seeing his father every now and then. The author states that most of the negative views that single mothers receive come from studies. The way that Roiphe talks about studies makes it sound like she is very against them. She states that studies for things like the outcomes from single mothers are very hard gauge because of the different variables that could be around them. She says that studies show “things like poverty and…

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