Analysis: A Disease Suffered By A Family

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A Disease Suffered by a Family
After getting my spanking from not eating the food on my plate from dinner, I sat in my bedroom on a cold, rainy, dark night and pondered why do people get sick? Why do some diseases have a cause but no cure? I lived with a family member that suffered from a very depressing, harmful, and excruciating disease. One of the hardest challenges I have ever had to do in my life is watching my stepdad that was so close to my heart, slowly lose the person he once was. It changed the person I knew by transforming my step-dad into a monster, as well as changing the family members caring for him; therefore, I learned life-changing lessons from the memories I went through with him, and how to grow as a person from them. Although
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PTSD was a commonly diagnosed at this time, but doctors didn’t have any proven medicine to help soldiers live with it on a daily basis. Since there were no medicines the only way soldiers with PTSD knew how to cope with it was to take it out on someone else close to them. The person for my step-dad to take his PTSD to come out on became my mom and me. The flashbacks, dreams, and nightmares overtook his mind. One night I was sleep walking straight into my mom and Jimmy’s bedroom. I tapped on Jimmy’s shoulder to wake him up so I could get in the bed with them, but he did not wake up. Instead he was in a nightmare where he thought I was an enemy in the war, and started choking me with both of his hands around my neck. He picked me up and threw me on the bed while still choking me. The sudden impact from Jimmy throwing my down on the bed woke up my mom. My mom tried to get Jimmy from me by pushing him off the bed. As she pushed him off the bed, he punched her in the nose in the process. Once Jimmy fell off the bed, it woke him up. He stood up in embarrassment and angry because he knew what happened. He tried to wake me up, but I passed out from the choking. The next morning when I awoke my mom told me what happened. I had purple, black bruises around my throat while my mom suffered from a broken …show more content…
Most nights my mom and I just endured the abuse because my step-dad was sick. Expect one night my mom fought him back, and the next day Jimmy served my mom with divorce papers. The divorce came very shocking to my mom. They always got in arguments in fights because that is just how the disease conducted their marriage into being. My mom never thought that very last fight would be the last one. We had nowhere to go, no money to eat on, and no car to leave in. We were stuck. Everything my mom and Jimmy owned was in his name due to him having the job, and my mom taking care of the house. The only good aspect that came from the divorce was the abuse ending. Even though Jimmy filed for the divorce, he did not want the divorce. The disease of PTSD, which Jimmy suffered from severely, filed the divorce. His disease changed him as a person, family member, and a friend. While it changed him, it also changed my mother and me. On the memories we have of my step-dad are mostly of fighting, screaming, choking, and abusive. It changed my prospective of life on how a disease affects not just one person but also the whole family, and how overcome situations that may seem bigger than me. Most the time life doesn’t give you easiest trials to learn from, yet you still have to keep persevering through those

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