Essay on Analysing Observation in Social Work

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1. Family Details 3 2. Observation Analysis 4 3. Life Span Development 7 4. Sociology 10 5. Social Policy 13 6. References 16 7. Appendices 21 i) Recording Observation 21 ii) Community Profile 28 iii) Consent form 45

Family Details

This observation is based on a family consisting of a young professional married couple and their three year old daughter. I observed them for one hour over three weeks, in the evening to fit into their schedules. They have lived in the borough of Croydon in their three bedroom house for six years. For the purpose of this assignment all the names have been changed and the family
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physical injuries) can be disguised and over looked an example of this is Baby P case where the baby was covered in chocolate.

Overall this experience has taught me the importance of having observation skills, as it is a fundamental part of doing your duties as a social worker. It also allows for the observer to gain an understanding of the relationships between parents, child and siblings, and draws attention to the importance of movement, sound and play (Briggs, 1992:55). At the beginning I was very nervous but by the end of the experience I felt more relaxed and knew my observation role, which I feel was very important to my progress. As a practising social worker knowing your role will make you feel confident and that will come across when dealing with certain situation for example situations highlighted in Ferguson (2009). Briggs (1995) highlighted the importance of the observer to think about the affect the observations are having on them and about the thoughts and feelings that are generated from the observations, as they are significant part of the observer understanding of the observational material. In a social worker setting this is when supervision is crucial; I know that after each observation I reflected on the observation. Especially after the first observation as I felt nervous but once I had reflected back about how good it had gone, I felt

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