Analyse What You Percieve to Be the Key Demographic Features of British Society and Their Impact on Business

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| Analyse what you perceive to be the key demographic features of British society and its implications to businesses | | | | |


British society is seen to be very diverse in nature, with it often being referred to as a ‘multicultural society’ as a result of different cultures being found everywhere; from religion and race through to the broad class structure. Therefore with Britain being so diverse, the demographic features of British society can play a huge part in whether a business succeeds or fails. This is largely because the social and cultural environment of Britain is constantly adapting and changing making it essential for businesses to have a good understanding of this environment in order to flourish.
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There is also the benefit of immigration helping to provide sustainable types of business such as that of Chinese restaurants. However there are negative aspects too, with immigration concentrations in particular areas putting stress on the public sector for certain services. Immigration however can also result in competition for jobs, which then causes businesses to lower wages as there are ample people willing to do them. Though it depends on the circumstances as to whether people see this as a good or bad thing ie in retail it as seen as a positive; cheaper goods.
In Britain there are many perceived types of social classes. The class system is often seen to be a hierarchy, with people being higher in society than others. The further up this hierarchy you are, the more ‘well off’ you are deemed to be; often associated with being able to afford more conspicuous goods. In Britain, there is a large problem with social division and the different stereotypes that social classes are given is seen to be a reason for this. This effect businesses because the lower classes are generally undiscovered by businesses with people in the lower classes being more likely to work in labour jobs (often due to people not realising their potential). Therefore there is a wealth of talent that has yet to be

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