Analyse the Problems of the Weimar Republic Essay

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1. Analyse the problems of the Weimar republic

After the First World War, Kaiser resigned due to November Revolution and later on, in 1919, a federal republic met in Weimar, Germany to replace the imperial form of government, which is known as Weimar Republic. This Republic lasted until 1933, and was destroyed by Hitler. It went to three stages. In the first stage, which was from 1919-23, there was instability when the republic was struggling to survive. In the second stage, from 1923-29, there was stability when Gustav Streseman was the leading politician. This stability was due to the Dawes plan of 1924 in which USA provided huge loans. In the third or last stage, from 1929-33 there was instability again which led to the
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The Republic should have made some reasonable changes to the system that they opted for. d. The political parties had very little experience of how to operate a democratic parliamentary system: Before the Republic, Germany was ruled by Chancellor and when the responsibilities were given to the Reichstag (lower house of parliament), it failed to rule because the parties refused to compromise. There was tension in the Republic and the sense of trust and leadership was lost due to which the Republic was unable to lead properly. 2. Outbreaks of violence were not fully controlled by the government. a. The Spartacist Rising: Led by Spartacus, in which the left wing party, communists, occupied every major city in Germany in attempt to overthrow the republic. The government was incapable to handle the the Spartacist Rising on its own, and had to depend on private forces. b. The Kapp Putch (March 1920): When Wolfgang Kapp was declared as Chancellor by the right-wing groups, Freikorps, who tried to seize power after they were disbanded from the government.. If the government would have taken stricter actions and punished a larger majority of Friekorps, the ex-members would have not been hostile to the republic and not join Hitler. c. A series of political assassinations took place: ex-Freikorps members assassinated many communists and members of the republic. The government was unable to take any strong measures

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