Analyse the Impact of Two Pieces of Crime and Disorder Legislation

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BTEC L3 Diploma and 90 credit Diploma in Public Services
Unit number and title: 12.1 Crime and its Effects on Society
Assessor Name: Jacqueline Stockdale
Date issued: 29/09/14 Hand in deadline: 13/10/14
Assignment title
Know crime and disorder legislation, sentences and orders P1- Outline current crime and disorder legislation
P2- State the main sentences and orders criminal courts can impose
M1- Analyze the impact of two pieces of crime and disorder legislation
D1- Evaluate the impact of one piece of crime and disorder legislation Mentioned the impact on the victim, society and communities and the transport police but could do with more detail and facts or references statistics.

The Theft Act
This is
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The consequence for rail users was a staggering 6,088 hours of delays last year, says Network Rail. It saw a 52% leap in the number of thefts from April 2010 to April this year, in total 995 incidents. It paid out £16.5m in repairs and Compensation as a result.
Even if a single inch of cable is taken it can translate into long delays, says a spokeswoman for Network Rail. Some cables have up to 48 tiny copper strands in them that all need to be reconnected at both ends and tested before things can get moving again.
"We have dedicated response teams but it's not Quick Job," she says.
British Transport Police say the thefts can vary greatly in size but are mostly petty - the "cottage industry end".
"But the number of thefts is huge," says a spokesman. "It is our biggest crime problem in terms of frequency and our biggest challenge after counter-terrorism.
Gas explosions and power cuts
Power supply companies were the victim of around 6,000 metal thefts in 2010, equating to a 100% annual increase, according to industry figures.

Deaths and injuries in 2011

* A 16-year-old boy electrocuted while trying to steal copper cable at disused Leeds power station in July * James Sorby, 22, suffers horrendous injuries after being hit by 22,000 volts while stealing cable from an electricity sub-station in June
One problem is that copper piping is often used to connect gas mains to Gas Meters in UK homes. In July a theft of

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