Analyse How Children and Young People’s Development Is Influenced by a Range of Personal Factors

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Children and young people often experience many things which have a direct impact on their development; things such as their family environment and structure, personality, hospital visits, childcare arrangements, and culture.

Family Environment
Of the environmental influences, the family has the most profound impact on child development.
Family stability can be described in many ways. Traditionally it is defined in terms family structure (for example, single parenthood, extended families, working families, foster care etc) Exploring the various family processes that pertain to stability may be a useful means of understanding the specific characteristics of family stability that support healthy child development. For example,
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She struggled when she started pre-school and became extremely distressed when I left her. After consultation with the pre-school manager we both decided that it would be better for her to be placed in the pm class where I am a leader. Even here she struggled to leave me and did not cope well with other children or peers. During this time her hospital visits were still ongoing and she had also developed asthma which led to several interventions, and prolonged periods of absences from pre-school. Her mistrust of health professionals was very evident and was spilling out to all areas of her social environment. When she started school I finally got the Health Visitor to refer her to a Child psychologist and she was diagnosed with Separation Anxiety Disorder. Starting school was the most traumatic experience for her. She cried herself to sleep, was vomiting every morning and hysterical going in to school. If there was any change to her day e.g. going to assembly, she was distraught. She couldn’t interact with any of her peers and her school work was suffering. For some children hospital visits are like water of a ducks back and may even be of benefit, but in this case there was a very big and direct impact on my daughter’s development.

Childcare Arrangements
In today’s society there are many childcare arrangements in place, such as day nurseries, childminders, before and after

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