Anachronism In The Bible

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Anachronisms are often humorous when they are seen in films; wrist watches in medieval times, gas-powered engines seen in antiquity, and many other such things provide comical contradictions.

However, many atheistic scholars levy accusations against the book of Genesis using anachronisms, which is no laughing matter.

This is done to disprove the inspiration of the Bible; the line of reasoning that is employed by these scholars is that if one contradiction exists, then the entire Bible becomes unreliable.

Due to these claims, the faith of many has been shaken and even destroyed in some cases.

Most of the anachronisms posed against the book of Genesis rely upon speculation rather than fact.

For example, the idea that Moses couldn't have written the Pentateuch within the given time-frame is a common notion that has been used before.
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The same could be said of many of the so-called anachronisms.

Another anachronism that is frequently cited from Genesis is the presence of domesticated camels in the time of Abraham.

While I cannot blame atheists and other unbelievers for grasping at straws to reinforce their own agenda, this purported anachronism relies upon speculation rather than fact.

One thing that is never considered by skeptics is that the Bible is innocent until proven guilty by fact and evidence, and not by speculation and

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