Essay on Ana Diaz 's ' Dona Rosa '

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Ana Diaz Many times we believed we know everything about a person, until we begin to ask questions which are really deep and personal, then we discover that we only knew the tip of the iceberg. I interview Ana Diaz or as we all know her “Dona Rosa”. Ana is my best friend’s grandmother and a very lovely lady. She was born and raised in San Juan a province in the south of the Dominican Republic. Ana told me many things about her life that I could have never imagined; things about her childhood, teen years, and adulthood that I never tough such a lovely and kind lady had gone through. Ana Diaz was the youngest of four children. She had a twin, but the twin sister died seven days after they were born. Ana was the only child of her father since her mother had 3 children of an earlier marriage. When she was a little girl she had two goats that were her pets; Meme, the male and Rosa the female. She used to love to feed them and watch them jump around until someone poisoned Meme and Rosa die of depression after been left alone. Ana’s favorite candy was fire balls and canquina. Canquina is a sugar candy that after you put it in your mouth, it becomes chewy and sticky. Most of the time she would play alone and made pretend houses, with wooden sticks, and old pieces of cloth that she would found around the house. Ana’s father died when she was seven years old. Since her dad died things started to change around the house and her mother gave her away. She went to live with an old…

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