Essay on An Urban Case Studies Summer Program

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It had been a while since I had been in New York City. I forgot the fast-paced world, the capricious j-walking, the unique styles, everything really. Even though i grew up in the area, it seemed so distant, as if it molded around itself and evolved into a world that could not be identified.
Upon being accepted into an Urban Case Studies summer program from Columbia University, I packed my luggage, boarded on the plane from SAN to JFK Airport. What i experienced during my month in New York City is something so extraordinary, that will not soon be erased from my memory.
I commuted to Columbia every morning from a friend’s house in New Jersey. I was scheduled to take the lightrail to Exchange Place, Exchange Place to the Path to New York, 1 Subway to 116th Street. I wish the commute could have been so easy to go by in the beginning, but it took me roughly five days to master. I vividly recall frantically asking “what stop we had just passed?” or “does this Path connect to Hoboken?” But no matter what, I always ended up in my destination, on time, with fifteen minutes to spare.
What gave me the courage to explore New York in its depths is the Katyn Memorial Statue in Exchange Place, Jersey City, New Jersey. This bronze statue, standing 34 feet tall, boldly in frontal view of the Manhattan Skyline, portrays a soldier gagged and bound, impaled in the back by a bayoneted rifle. Its purpose is to commemorate the massacre of Polish prisoners in April and May 1940 after Soviet…

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