An Unsuccessful Plea For Save American Humanity Essay

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An Unsuccessful Plea to Save American Humanity The atomic bomb is the single most destructive weapon that has ever been created. Built in response to the ever increasing threat from the Axis forces of World War II, the atomic bomb packed the force of 12,000 pounds of dynamite and was capable of destroying an entire city. It was in August of 1945 that the United States used the first atomic bomb on the Japanese city of Hiroshima killing tens of thousands Japanese civilians in one fatal swoop, and setting in motion the unconditional surrender of Japan. However, many would argue whether the use of the atomic bomb was necessary, and one such proprietor against its use was Leo Szilard. Szilard wrote A Petition to the President of the United States, in which he pleaded to the president not to use the atomic bomb against Japan in the current state of the war (Szilard). Szilard’s petition was unsuccessful due to poor structure, use of fallacious reasoning, and a weak conclusion. Szilard’s structure was not well organized and not only made it difficult for the reader to follow, it prevented him from staying on topic with his thesis. Szilard begins his introduction with a brief background of the current atomic state of the nation then he waits until the third paragraph to express what his petition’s true intentions are. This drawn out structure undermines the intent of the introduction which is to gain the readers interest. Unfortunately, Szilard presents a very plausible…

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