An Unhealthy Romantic Relationship? Essay example

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What defines an unhealthy romantic relationship? Is it simply arguing constantly or is it taken to a deeper level? Most people when thinking about an unhealthy romantic relationship only think about when a person is going through a physically abusive relationship. This causes people to not recognize the warning signs of the other form, emotional abuse. Emotional abuse is not easily recognized by the people who are experiencing it, but it leaves scars that are not seen by outsiders. The effect that emotional abuse can have on a single person can change how they see the world for their lifetime.
In the beginning of any romantic relationship there is something that people call “the honeymoon phase.” In this phase it will seem as if nothing can go wrong in the world. The abuser in the relationship will put one on a high pedestal and treat them like royalty. When that phase ends, the pedestal that was built is slowly worn down overtime. The abuser will belittle, humiliate, and blame the victim to lower his/her self-esteem. One’s friends may notice this behavior and try to warn him/her about the situation. Some will notice and leave the relationship, but others disregard the accusations because they feel as if their abuser has done no wrong.
Those that do not recognize the abuse will continue to stay in the relationship and sometimes the abuser’s behavior will get worse. The abuser will begin to control the finances and how the victim spends the money. They will constantly cross…

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