An Undeserved Fate : Oedipus The King Essay

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An Undeserved Fate: Oedipus
“Oedipus the King” by Sophocles is a testament to his genius and greatness in this complex play. It is not easy to determine if Oedipus deserves his fate even though it was unavoidable. However, considering everything that had befallen Oedipus he remained a good person down to the very end, and I believe that he did not deserve his fate. Oedipus suffered much; the majority was out of his control. The Herdsman could have intervened several times to keep Oedipus from his own fate. His own parents thought he was dead so no longer worried about being killed by their son. Oedipus knew about the prophecy and tried to avoid it by leaving his home and making a life in Thebes, unknowingly setting the prophecy in motion. Oedipus demonstrates his good-heartedness throughout the play by putting others before himself regardless of what has happened to him.
Oedipus does not deserve his fate. His parents had originally given him as a baby to the Herdsman to be killed, to keep the prophecy from becoming fulfilled. The Herdsman said, “I was to kill the boy” (Line 1177). However, he disobeyed and had pity on him and gave him to the messenger to take far away to avoid death. His biological parents believed he was dead and Oedipus did not know his real parents. We know this is true because when the Herdsman saw that it was Oedipus who had killed his father King Laius, he still did not say anything, and lied to Jocasta about how Laius was killed. Also, when the…

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