An Understanding Of Human Psychology And Sociology Essay

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In a world of fantasized individualism and freedom, the phrase group mind is a truism of the reality of the free world. A group mind is the collective and singular held beliefs of a group of people. These people, intentional or not, set aside their own ideology to become obedient, homogenized followers.

To grasp what a group mind entails, an understanding of human psychology and sociology is necessary. To begin, the idea so long embedded in western societies is that one is “a citizen of a free society, and that means [one is] an individual, making individual choices”.(Lessing 595) This would mean that people are capable of standing firm in their virtues and stand against those who differ. However, Lessing contradicts this idea with the sociological truth that men are group animals living “our lives in groups-the family, work groups, social, religious and political groups.”(Lessing 595) which is not the issue, as individuals with similar beliefs are retaining their independence, but rather when “we’re in a group, we tend to think as [a] group….we find ourselves changing because we belong to a group.”(Lessing 595) The issue is not being a part of a group, the issue losing individuality for the sake of the group. When people enter into a group mind they are susceptible to blind obedience due to the human nature of belonging to a majority, the establishment of fear as a motivator, and of lack of confidence in one 's’ beliefs when put under fire.

Ever since the beginning of…

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