An Underground Street Artist : Neglecting Street As A True Form Of Art

756 Words Nov 3rd, 2015 4 Pages
Grand exhibits come to mind when art is mentioned: neglecting street as a true form of art. Banksy, an underground street artist spends time tagging various cities around the world to convey important messages to the public. This past summer, he took his thought provoking art method to another level with the creation of Dismaland. This outdoor art exhibit was made to resemble a theme park. His meticulous placement of art throughout the exhibit provoked minds from the moment they entered until their visit was over. Most artists believe reaching success within the art world means making profit and broadcasting their name to the public. Banksy on the other hand, strives to keep a hidden identity allowing him to simply spread a message to by passers and supporters without having to deal with the publicity that follows fame. He candidly reveals current issues and sends a clear message. While it may not seem so, Banksy seems to choose his locations precisely. This Bemusement Park was displayed in the United Kingdom as a five-week exhibit. The structure and overall layout resembles many of the popular theme parks visited by millions from all over the world, it is more of a large gallery showcasing controversy and relative concerns from all over the world. He treated this slightly different than most street art presented in the past by setting up a website for those wishing to visit. Ticket purchases may have been generated to compensate most of the expenses and artist…

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