An Unbiased Look At Genesis 1-11 Essay

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There have been many debates on creation and our existence. When did life begin and what started it all? After all, we’re here. We breathe air in. We make decisions that spur action. We love vigorously and can be hurt deeply. Human emotions are part of everyday life and yet we live without regard to how we have these emotions in the first place. An unbiased look at Genesis 1-11 clearly shows the reason why. God is a loving God and He created us for relationship. Natural World
Everything begins somewhere. A starting point. Scripture states that "In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth." (Gen 1:1) God created everything out of nothing. Creation ex nihilio which in latin means "out of nothing." In his article Doctrine of Creation, Wiliam Lane Craig states,
"Notice that there is no preexistent material that is presupposed. We find no warring gods, no primordial dragons, as we do in other ancient creation myths; only God who simply creates the universe. The word for create there is bara, a word which is used with only God as its subject and which does not presuppose any kind of material substratum – it does not presuppose a material cause in addition to God who is the efficient cause, who simply creates his effects."
From the moment God spoke creativity was released. His mouth proclaimed creation of every piece of this natural world we live in. Each piece was put in place as He saw fit and everything He created was created out of nothing…

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