An Research Ethics Guideline Of The School For Policy Studies

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Referring to ethical issues, the research will comply the research ethics guideline of the School for Policy Studies, University of Bristol. The participant information sheet (PIS) will give an introduction of the study and assurances about confidentiality. Each interviewee will be asked for written informed consent and permission for digital-recorded. The same researcher will conduct all interviews. The topic guide included changes in drinking over time, occasions when respondents had drunk more than they intended, reasons for reducing drinking, and men’s and women’s drinking.
Considering the topics and themes, these interviews mainly explore their experiences and ideas in terms of the marketization process of home care practice for older people and impact on service providers and users in urban China, identifying the marketization trend for home care, examining what impacts and issues related to the process (i.e. financial resource, care labour force, quality of care), how the changing role of the market influences the home care practice, and what challenges in delivering home care services.
In addition to interviews, policy documents would be collected in terms of changes and new emerging ideas about home care for older people in urban China, while secondary data would be selected for the demographic changes, development of the labour market of care sector, etc.
Data Analysis
Interviews would be transcribed verbatim and checked for accuracy in Chinese. Transcripts would…

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