An Reflection Of The Interhibit Of The Celebration Of Writing

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I am following up on my final report by providing information in regards to the exhibit of “The Celebration of Writing” I attended. As you have requested, I have attended this festival and am reporting to you on the positives and negatives of what I saw and by using my observation and thoughts about the exhibition. These observations will provide you with information to create a visual exhibition on the ethical issues of payday loans. I know you are looking to make an exhibition on the final report I presented you with about ethical issues associated with payday loans and I firmly believe this is a wonderful environment to do so. By looking at the research I have done on the positives and negatives by attending this exhibit you can make a …show more content…
A freshman expository writing student did the first poster examined, which was about the Rogerian argument, a way to go from a social issue paper for students to a news article for the public to see. A sophomore critical writing class on creating memorandums presented the second poster observed. This exhibit had addressed companies in order to receive a grant or permission to move forward with a project. Lastly a travel writing class presented a poster on travel writing and Bristol RI. This presentation was meant to persuade respective Roger Williams’s students that Bristol is a great college town. The exhibit that did not exemplify a good argument was the one on the Rogerian Argument; it had a lack of persuasion and clarity. The Proposals and travel writing exhibits both were very good at persuading the audience and providing a meaningful purpose.

First I will compare the purposes of each exhibit and how well they are presented. Secondly I will talk about the ability to capture their specific audiences. Lastly I will compare each exhibit on how well their rhetorical situation was touched upon and completed. The purpose of this report is to explain the positives and negatives of each exhibit in respect to purpose audience and rhetorical situation to help aid in the consideration of an exhibition on the ethics of payday
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Each demonstrated their knowledge on the purpose of the presentation very well. One was able to explain how to be a travel writer and why kind of writing style is used. She used her own knowledge to explain the purpose of travel writing, which is to be very descriptive in order for other people to get an actual feel for the location they are writing about. The second presenter explained the purpose of the second poster, which was an assignment on a travel review of Bristol RI. He was able to explain why the assignment was done and how it is beneficial for future use. By describing the need of a written travel guide rather than just pictures for future students he was able to keep the purpose in mind to get more students to come to Roger Williams. Both posters were relevant to the topic and added more about the purpose with visuals. Overall this presentation was the best at presenting the purpose both verbally and visually to the

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