How To Write An Autobiography

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Recently, I heard that there was an autobiography is being written about my life and I’m exceedingly grateful about it. The autobiography is nearly complete and I would like to share some concerns with you about my problems with it. Although there’s a certain section within the book that catches my attention the most and the information is completely off. This section should be fixed immediately. I would like the information change considering it was the most crucial event in my life.
The author got the story completely wrong. How can I steal money from my company when I have already enough? To top it off, I can manage my money precisely well. I even have an accountant and evidence that none of this is true. Actually, I started from scratch to working for a big time company. I’ve worked hard for fifteen years to become a CEO of this company. To say that I did such a thing is preposterous. This part of the book is just made me odious. Furthermore, this is incredibly insulting to me. You can ask even my close friends or family about this situation. Even the employees of the company that witness this will tell you about this. They can confirm this information with you. Henceforth, a person needs to get their sources validated.
The sources of this section within the book seem rather questionable as well. I confirmed that this information came
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This can and will affect everyone in the community and the company. They trust me to handle almost everything and I tend to keep on doing this for many more years henceforward. This misinformation could tragically ruin my reputation alone. I don’t want to the bad reputation to expose to me. People will judge me based on this book, mostly the women will. Young women, who look up to me as their role model and if they read this particular section; I don’t want to know what they will think of me after this. The thought of that kills me, so I hope you will fix this

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