Essay about An Reflection Of An Absorption Chiller

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An absorption chiller is basically described as a refrigerating machine which uses heat energy and absorbed to create what is known as chilled water. There are many different types of Absorption chillers but they all work on a similar principle. In a low pressure system an absorption fluid is evaporated, removing heat from the chilled water. A heat source such as steam, exhaust gas or hot water is used to regenerate the Absorption solution.
In a Single Lift Hot water driven absorption chiller, as the name suggests, the chilled water is cooled down once by a refrigerant from a double tray in the evaporator. The vaporized refrigerant is absorbed into a concentrated solution (Normally potassium bromide) This concentrated solution comes from the Generator. The concentrated solution becomes diluted as it absorbs the evaporated Refrigerant whilst the heat is absorbed into the cooling water. The diluted solution in the absorber then flows to the Generator through a Heat exchanger. The hot 95˚C water heats up the diluted solution and the refrigerant is vaporized. The vaporized refrigerant is condensed and returned to the refrigerant circuit. The Diluted absorbent is now regenerated and can be recycled.
In a 2-Lift Hot water driven absorption chiller there are a main cycle and an auxiliary cycle. The chilled water is cooled down twice by the refrigerant from a double tray in the evaporator and the vaporized refrigerant is absorbed into concentrated solution which is coming from the…

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