Essay about An Physician And Gynecologist During The Second Century

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Soranus, a Greek physician and gynecologist during the second century, wrote a textbook called On Midwifery and the Diseases of Women in which he discusses the characteristics of the best midwife (86). He describes the best midwife as one who not only performs the medical task of delivering car but also provides pre and post natal care. Today, when an expectant mother is selecting an obstetrician or midwife some of the questions she may ask is how many years of experience the birth attendant has, whether or not the attendant is trustworthy and understanding, how sanitary is the place she will give birth in, and what gender the attendant is. The criteria which many woman look at today is very similar to the criteria suggested by Soranus for selecting a midwife or obstetrician. Both pregnant women today and from the Roman Empire prioritize medical experience and personal values. Over time, certification, obstetrician or midwife gender, and hygiene have also become a priority for expecting mothers today. One of the factors most women are concerned with is how much experience an obstetrician or midwife has which was also evident in the Roman Empire as well. Soranus states the importance of being trained and have experience in nutrition and surgery (88). The Romans believed it was important to maintain a proper diet in order to keep the four humors in balance especially if a woman was pregnant so that she could birth a healthy child (90). Surgery was also important to know…

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