Essay about An Overall Theme Within Shakespearean Sonnets

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An overall theme within Shakespearean sonnets is love (Mabillard 2009). “Sonnet 29” addresses the conflict between love and self representation within a young man. In the first eight lines, the octave, the young man portrays himself as an “outcast” (Clauson 2009). The young man’s portrayal of himself, as an outcast, is emphasized throughout the octave through the man’s envy of what other men possess. The octave is then followed by the setset, in which the young man decides to change his “state” and is joyous over the remembrance of his “sweet love”(Clauson 2009). Within the setset, the young man uses a simile, comparing himself to a lark singing, to illustrate the great happiness that love has brought him. The point of importance is the internal conflict of the young man, found within the Volta- “With what I most enjoy contented least.” The Volta juxtaposes the ideas of “sweet love” and self represented loneliness in order to present the idea that to be truly loved by someone is more important than the negative feelings towards one’s self.
The Volta, “ With what I most enjoy contented least, ” is a paradox, the young man compares his love to his own self representation (Overview 2000). The adjectives “Most” and “ least” are placed to show how great the affect of love is upon one’s self representation. It creates a direct connection between love and self representation; by implying that love allows for an individual to realize the good in them aside from their flaws in…

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