An Outline of Kant's Foundations of Metaphysics of Morals Essay example

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The foundation of the metaphysics of morals is a critical examination of a pure practical reason.

The present foundations is the search for and establishment of the supreme principle of morality.

Method: analytically from common knowledge to the determination of its supreme principle; then , synthetically from the examination of this principle and its sources back to common knowledge.

1. the common rational knowledge of morals -> the philosophical rational knowledge of morals
2. the popular moral philosophy -> the metaphysics of morals
3. the metaphysics of morals -> the critical examination of pure practical reason (its foundation)

.transition from the common rational knowledge of morals to the
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Three factors which can determine the will:
1. the influence of inclination
2. the object of will and the end/purpose/effect/result of action
3. the law itself
Now, an act from duty wholly excludes the influence of inclination and the object of will, and remains which can determine the will: objectively the law, and subjectively pure respect for this practical law.
I ought to follow such a law even if it thwarts all my inclinations.

The highest and unconditional good, which we call moral, can be found only in the will of a rational being.

I should act in such a way that I could also will that my maxim should be a universal law.
The common reason of mankind in its practical judgments is in perfect agreement with this.
--to lie
Thus within the moral knowledge of common human reason we have attained its principle. p26-27
To call in philosophy is resulted from the powerful counterpoise of needs and inclinations against commands of duty which reason presents to man, and is in order to escape from the perplexity of opposing claims based on needs and inclinations, and to avoid the danger of losing all genuine moral principles.

. transition from the popular moral philosophy to the metaphysics of morals

The complain out of experience:
1. we cannot cite a single sure example of the disposition to act from pure duty

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