An Outbreak Of Civil Protests Essay example

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In the past few years there have been an outbreak of civil protests regarding inequality all over the world. These protests, but more importantly the philosophy and ideas behind them, have caused the people of this world to question many things. For example, whether tradition, and if sticking to it, is the best move for all of us, or if breaking free and starting new is what we need. In recent weeks, there have been many civil protests involving a particular movement: The Black Lives Matter movement. Protests everywhere from Huntington Beach to London have taken place triggered by two shootings, both of which involved a black male victim and a white police officer. While these “Black Lives Matter” protest have swept the world by storm, have the retaliations for these shootings gone too far? How far is too far when it comes to civil protest?
The two shootings which took place were those of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile. Tuesday, July 5th Alton Sterling was selling CD’s outside a grocery store in Louisiana, a common practice for him and one permitted by the store owner, when a homeless man approached him and asked for money. (Fausset) Sterling said no and then proceeded to show the man his gun, for which he had a license. The man then called 911 and made the complaint that a man with a gun was threatening him. 911 responded to the call by sending police over. (Fausset) Two white officers started arresting Sterling. The officers had Mr. Sterling pinned to the ground…

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