An Organization 's Mission And Success Essay

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Every organization desires honesty amongst their employees. This component allows for complete dedication to the organization 's mission and success. By encouraging a whistleblowing culture within the organization, the organization promotes simple structure and efficient, open communication. More importantly, whistleblowing can preserve the organization 's clients from possible lawsuits, or severe mishaps resulting in a patient 's demise. Upon graduation from nursing school every nurse has learned that we should support and protect our patients. What does a nurse do when they think the safety of patients is being endangered, or when she knows patient fraud is being performed? The nurse needs to remember her ethical obligation to her patients and that safety and “do no harm” of the patients is one of our central responsibilities. A whistleblower is someone who chooses to make a difference. They state what the problem is and report the problem. Whistleblowers decide to step forward and say, “enough.” Whistleblowing is necessary especially when patient care is being risked. Every nurse should know what their responsibilities are when it is time for the whistle to be blown. I think clear communication is essential in building such an organization, making sure the organization goals foremost allow employees to focus on the most important factor, the success of the organization and its members. Whistleblowing is a necessary facet of an organization. It reduces and eliminates…

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