An Organization Plot A Course For The Achievement Of Its Goals

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Planning help an organization plot a course for the achievement of its goals. Its management function which helps defining goals for future organisational performance. It also help decide on the responsibilities and resource use needed to accomplish them. (Samson D., Catley B., Cathro V., Daft R.L., 2012)Planning plays a very vital role in any business project. Prior to the planning process is to recognize the goals of the project, or to specify objectives of the business.
In this case, the goal for this project is to import and distribute these cars to New Zealand, but before we can achieve that we have to make the public comfortable with the self-driving car. Being new technology a lot of people are sceptical about the idea. To be successful in the venture we need to mitigate the concerns the public have and to show them how it will benefit their future. Due to this being revolutionary technology there are many issues and concerns surrounding the matter. Some of the major concerns surrounding self-driving cars are regarding liability issues, security issues and cost of the technology. By considering the public and government’s concerns with driverless cars and providing potential solutions, we allow for more potential customers and make the public be more comfortable and have a positive outlook about these cars.
The driverless cars that will be arriving into the country in the near future can be called to your location. Therefore the car will navigate and drive itself…

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