An Organization Is A Group Of People Or Can Be Responsible For Controlling, Leading Managing And Taking

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An organization is a group of people or can be said as a team working together with certain polices and having some goals within the organization. And management is one of the most important activities in the organization. An organization’s success depends on good teamwork, good leadership, and communication so managing has been the most important activity to be taken care of in the organization. Professionals and experts are hired to lead and manage all sort of activities within the organization and is divided to different people in different levels. And the most important of all is the head of the organization who is responsible for controlling, leading managing and taking important decisions as required in all sort of conditions in the organization. The person can be called the “Manager” who is the head or the boss. Of the workplace
A manager should be capable of the above things as serious things can happen which would lead the business or organization to collapse or fail because of the persons capability. As there are lots of ups and downs in the workplace the person should have much knowledge in the respective field or lets say he should have adequate information’s regarding the theories its effects its advantages and disadvantages of knowing and being unknown of those theories which requires in each and every steps of the managerial activities, daily basis. The tasks performing by the managers have been increasing as organizations has been…

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