An Organization For A Network Manager Essay

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An Organisation minimising user’s rights is essential because of what employees might think of doing to the company network, an employee may want to defect or access information beyond their access level. A network manager can put in place policies to prevent minimal risk to the user and the company; this can be done by implementing different administrative protocols which can be only accessed by authorised personal. Each organisation has a policy and when you join that organisation the individual has to abide by those policies, for example on a network you give an employee enough access and rights to do the job.
Once an employee wants to leave the company that person who has command prompt access can gain entry to the organisations network system. This can be obtained by using the command prompt, using specified programming codes and by that gaining unauthorised credential access of company documents. The best prevention for an employee who wants to leave the company; is by monitoring their behaviour and erasing the employees’ rights and access to the company when they leave, because the individual might want to cause an obstruction to the company, some cases are when an employee is leaving in bad terms with the employer.
Another way to minimise the network security breach is by MAC filtering, this allows, blocks and retains any number of MAC address in a router. A router checks each MAC address that tries to access the network to check if it has the correct credentials to…

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