An Opportunity That Can Negatively Impact The Members Of The Community

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This is an opportunity that can positively impact the members of the community. We are a diverse group of community members that have continuously earned the support from the local businesses and family members within our community. Our school community is comprised of 50% families that have children in school. The school district will actively seek support from the families that don’t have children enrolled in school. Although we have depended upon these families for past support while their children were enrolled in our school district, much provision stands to be gained by engaging them in continued support. A recent needs assessment for the upcoming May visits revealed that we have several short term initiatives that require attention to correct issues at 5 of our 7 schools. Local businesses have promised financial contributions, if the school district provides sensible requests. For long-range support of initiatives, we need to persuade the community members to vote on a bond issue that would reconstruct district boundary lines. Restructuring would bring expansion and balanced education for all students. It would provide growth and deliver additional financial resources to our school district by increasing our student body populations. There are concerns from the recent assessments that need to be corrected timely at 2 of the 4 elementary schools, both middle schools, and the high school. As previously mentioned, the local businesses are willing to assist,…

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