An Opioid Derivative Of Codeine Essay

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After While Krokodil Krokodil is an opioid derivative of codeine. The drug was made to mirror the effects of a pharmaceutical drug, no longer in use, called desomorphine. Krokodile is a homemade version, that is much cheaper then heroin, and has horrible side effects due to the dangerous solvents used when cooking the drug. Krokodil is highly addictive, and is injected into the body. The sites of the injection will develop scale-like skin, and have infected ulcerations. There are very few reports of Krokodil in the United States, but is used widely in Russia, and other surrounding countries.
What is Krokodil Krokodil is a synthetic drug that deliver’s the same effect of heroin, and morphine. The medical name is desomorphine, and the homemade version is call krokodil. The synthetic drug is homemade and is sold at a much cheaper price, then heroin. The homemade drug is made by using solvents, that are unfiltered. When the drug user injects the drug into their veins, the unfiltered solvent destroys the body part, by easting the flesh from the inside out. The skin will first form a crocodile scale like pattern, before it opens up into seeping lesions. This is how the drug received its name, and how I formed the title of the paper, because after a while, your skin will look like a crocodile.
Chemical Make Up Krokodil is extremely easy to make, and in Russia, all of the supplies are sold over the counter. Codeine is sold over the counter in headache medications. The…

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