An Open Mind Single Handedly Tops The List Essay

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The people of this world lack many things but an open mind single handedly tops the list. I simply cannot stand close minded people that have obviously been brainwashed and programmed for generations to believe the most ridiculous ideas. What infuriates me more is fact that a few of these folks will enter positions of power varying from teaching to political office. Now with a massive set of listening ears can these pests spread or attempt to spread the most repulsive ideas and ways of life. The best track to an open mind begins with quality education presented without bias and room for discussion. Last semester I was enrolled in a diversity course of some sort where daily we discussed the social issues that plagued modern day America and the world. The fact that the student body within the class was also diverse allowed for very interesting interaction and debate between opposing minds. That class in particular was informative and mind grabbing but at the end my mind was in the same position as the beginning. I gathered new information for my argument inventory and that was it. All social problems were brought to the table that included racism, homosexuality, class structure, and all most anything fairly controversial. One subject that was mostly avoided and not spoken about was issues regarding religion. The professor stated many times that religion was not a focus in the course and only few argued on those grounds. The semester ended some sort of religion hole that got…

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