An Open Letter Essay

1262 Words Nov 12th, 2016 6 Pages
An open letter to my lover’s ex.

I’ve found myself compelled to respond to you. As I sat reading the powerful essay you wrote about being a Christian against Trump, I found myself sobbing.

Now I’d assume you’d find your essay powerful because you are defying the social background you grew up in for what you believe is right. Well it’s not. It’s another fluff piece that promises a warrior against hate. Expect in no way do you actual voice how you will impact the world around beyond being empty words. Perhaps I sound critical but when you analyze your essay it’s just you trying to be topical and current. In no way do you actually make any sort of claim as to how you will achieve standing up for what is right. In fact your essay just says you think all people matter.

But that is a lie. Not all people matter to you. My feelings don 't matter to you. My lover’s feelings and psyche don’t matter to you. His family, our friends, none of us matter to you. If any of us mattered you’d admit to the sickening lie you spewed in your essay.

You go about waving this false flag of a survivor, and as a real sexual assault survivor I violently ill at the thought of your lies. What kind of woman lies about being sexually assaulted to make a whiny liberal millennial’s essay have merit? Apparently, the same woman that cheated repeatedly on my lover, made him weep and grieve over a miscarriage that never actually happened, that lied about having cancer, that posts on reddit selling her used…

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