An Online Secret Sharing Art Project Essay

1736 Words Oct 1st, 2016 7 Pages
Deep, dark secrets are not an aspect of life that came to age with 21st century technology. However, through the modern medium of the World Wide Web, there has been a new cultural phenomenon called “PostSecret,” which provides people a window to anonymously share their secrets. This phenomenon began in 2005 when Frank Warren initiated an art project that welcomed people to anonymously mail him their secrets on postcards. Since 2005, on every Sunday Warren has released new batches of secrets so that the PostSecret Community is able to go online and view other people’s secrets. While I argue that this community does not have a finite amount of community members, there is clear evidence of its great following.
The evidence of its follow is shown through the growth of the art project. What started as just this online secret sharing art project has formed into a community that is able to advance its following through various platforms. Today, the PostSecret Community has expanded as community members can bond through the online Sunday release of secrets, but also through PostSecret events, PostSecret online chat, PostSecret videos, and PostSecret books. Despite the various platforms, I believe that much of the PostSecret Community is strengthen through the silent communication of the routine release of secrets every Sunday. Not only is the safety of community member’s fostered throughout the community itself, as every person (whether they have sent in a secret or just read the…

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