An Online Module Based On The Workplace Health And Safety Policy

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During my employment at McDonald’s, it was expected to read and complete an online module based on the ‘workplace health and safety policy’. Through this, I gained the knowledge of the importance of understanding and adhering to specific workplace policies and procedures. For example, during peak hour a team member after retrieving the fries from the fryer forgot to wait the designated 30 seconds before placing them into the fries’ station and consequently received minor oil burns. Accorded by the ‘workplace health and safety policy’ I reported for to hold her burn under running water for at least 15 minutes and asked a manager for an ‘incident report form’ to complete. As a result, my team member received to proper treatment for her minor burn, the incident was reported and followed up by a manager thus for my team member’s safety and the restaurant 's liability the incident was included in the office records.
Essay writing for my University courses has allowed me to develop strong research and communication skills. The subject for my courses varies thus I am required to adapt my research and writing skills to adhere to the varying requirements of Essays. For example, for my philosophy course during semester 1, 2016 I was required to write an essay. In accordance with the Essay guidelines, I had to adopt a first person narrative in writing, which was vastly different from the professional writing in other courses. To enable this, I researched ‘how to write philosophically’…

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