An Older Boy Named Justin Essay example

1065 Words Nov 18th, 2015 null Page
In my history class, was an older boy named Justin. He was a senior who had failed the course and was retaking it to graduate. He was your typical popular jock type. He carried himself with confidence, and thought he could do and say whatever he so pleased. I personally did not care for him, but was forced to do group work with him. When we were working together, he asked me about Kristin. He found her attractive, and would do whatever it took to make her his girlfriend. I told him several time that she had a boyfriend and she would never cheat. Justin continued to pursue her, and Kristin acted as if she wasn’t interested. The fact that I told Justin he couldn’t get Kristin gave him more incentive to pursue her. He loved a good challenge. I would frequently stay over Kristin’s house and have sleepovers. Sometimes we would sneak out to meet David, and his friends. However, one night when I was staying over Kristin’s house she said was just going to step out for a bit on her own and meet David. I agreed to cover for her if her mother were to come into her room and see her missing. I felt a little suspicious because Kristin rarely snuck out on her own. I sat and watched a movie while she snuck out of the house. Curiosity got the best of me, and I peaked through the window where I saw Kristin and Justin talking. I saw them kiss just before she came back inside. When she came back inside, neither us mentioned what had happened. I was confused as to what I…

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