Essay about An Old Man's Winter Night Analysis

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An Old Man’s Winter Night
This is a very haunting poem about an old man who stands alone dying in a dark house in winter. His memory is failing him and because of that he doesn’t know who he is or why he is in the house but he stays there inside the house because of the gruelling winter weather outside. There is no sense that the old man is existing for anyone or anything, he is purely alone. He is alone not only because no one is with him, but also because there will be no one to remember him after he dies. He develops a fear of the cellar beneath him and the darkness that lies outside so he strikes the ground in an attempt to frighten the unknown rather than confronting his fears. Finally, he falls asleep in front of the fire only to be
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His memories of his past happiness cannot comfort him now.
Although the old man is in a state of utter isolation, he still has the bravery to fight for his existence and attempt to scare away his fears that creep through the night. Although the old man is unaware of what exactly he is afraid of in the cellar or the dark of night, he clutches to the act of “clomping” as a familiar and unfamiliar comfort. The devastating sense of loneliness and fear is accentuated by the noises all around the old man, the cracking of branches, the roar of the trees - this use of personification is used to make the scene more disturbing. However, the old man himself remains silent throughout the

poem. When he does make sounds, he resorts to the more animalistic action of stomping his feet rather than trusting his voice.
In reading the title of the poem it suggests there should be a pleasant setting of an old man inside a house beside a fire on a cold winter’s night but instead the writer has denied the readers any comforting expectations. Instead the writer conveys that he is slowly dying alone in the house on a devastatingly cold frosty night but he wants to live and

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