Essay on An Occurrence At Owl Creek Bridge

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An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge, written by Ambrose Bierce, tells the ominous story of a well-put together man’s hanging. The events leading up to his death show the capability of man’s mind, with speed and detail, even during times of distress. Due to the complex story line and prolonged suspense, Ambrose Bierce creates a fantastic story for any reader.
The story begins by painting the setting. The man is standing on a railroad bridge, a noose around his neck and wrists bound by cord. Soldiers, a sergeant and a captain stand guard. On the calm Alabama night, the man prepares to lose his life. He is young, a mere thirty-five years old with a wife and children. He thinks of the situation he is in and the earth around him, collecting the smells and sights. The plank is released and he falls. The man in the noose, Peyton Farquhar, is an old and respected, well-to-do planter in Alabama. As the civil war is in action, he is a strong southern supporter but has no opportunity to offer his service. The position he is in, tied up awaiting his death, comes as a result of Peyton attempting to give back to his southern heritage by burning the ‘Yanks’ bridge down. After the release from the plank, Peyton awakes to a sharp pain on his neck, suffocation. He falls into the water and soon realizes what has happened and frees himself from the cords that bind him. As the soldiers, sergeant and captain fire at him in the water, Peyton swims, swims and dodges. Swim and dodge. He reaches the…

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