An Occurrence At Owl Creek Bridge Essay

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In Ambrose Bierce’s “An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge,” the reader is introduced to a man who is about to be hanged. Throughout the short story, there are multiple themes proposed from beginning to end. One leading theme is suspense. The story switches between reality and imagination, which creates even more suspense right before Farquhar is about to be hanged. Another major theme placed throughout the short story is imagination. Farquhar imagines certain events before the time of his death. One of them is seeing his family so that he can think of happy thoughts and remember memories before he is executed. In addition, there are two other major themes in this story: death and waiting. These represent how Farquhar has ended his suffering and how he has been waiting for this moment. In “An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge,” Bierce creates suspense by using the main character’s imagination as a play on waiting and death as well as other major themes of the short story.
Suspense is used throughout the story, making it a major theme. Bierce uses suspenseful aspects such as feelings. Every one of Farquhar’s feelings and senses are amplified significantly. Bierce writes, “They hurt his ear like the thrust of a knife; he feared he would shriek. What he heard was the ticking of his watch” (Bierce). Bierce states how Farquhar hears a strange ticking sound that is so loud he feels it is piercing his ears. However, it is only the ticking of his watch, which is on his wrist. This goes to…

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