An Occupation That Could Cause Alienation Essay

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An occupation that could cause alienation in the contemporary economy would be workers who assemble computers, smart phones, tablets and all other computer, tablet and smart phone accessories. If a worker works for a company and assembles all the parts of a computer, the worker will come to realize that they are creating products in which they are barely receiving compensation for (comparing the sale price of each product to their labor pay). Secondly, the worker will begin to feel estranged to the product and to their occupation. They will begin to feel estranged and alienated, since the product does not belong to them (as private property) and they are not receiving direct sale profits from the company. But why does this affect the worker seriously by causing alienation? While the worker is creating the product, he puts himself in the products he creates, once these products are taken away from him and he realizes that they don’t belong to him, alienation begins to occur. Karl
Marx states, “Lastly, the external character of labor for the worker appears in the fact that it is not his own, but someone else’s, that is does not belong to him, that in it he belongs, not to himself, but to another. – It belongs to another; it is the loss of his self” (Marx, 4). Marx also mentions why and how alienation occurs, which he says is connected to the original human nature of man. Marx breaks down his theory to the origin of the basic functions of man. “therefore,…

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