An Observation Of The Movie ' The Great Gatsby ' By F. Scott Fitzgerald

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In this observation, there was 11 students in attendance broken down into 7 boys and 4 girls. Like my previous observation there was one teacher, one teacher aide and one junior field student. Since it was in the midst of playtime I noticed the environment was more lively and louder in volume than it was in my previous visit.
As Ethan was playing in the block area he was the only one in this area. Grabbing blocks one by one, Ethan aligned the blocks in different zig zap paths. Instead of building a structure with the blocks, Ethan would jump over them and walk on top of them. Attempting to go faster and faster each time. Once he would jump/ walk over a path back and forth he would change the blocks into a different type of formation. After doing this for about five more times, two boys approached the block area. When they understood what Ethan was doing they decided to join him by going on the path behind him. Immediately Ethan noticed and he stopped on one of the blocks. Standing still on the block in the middle of the path for a moment, the other two boys remained still too. After all three boys were still for a moment the other two boys then hopped around Ethan’s block. As they hoped around Ethan’s block, Ethan remained standing still right in the middle. Letting this occur a few more times Ethan finally hopped off.
Once Ethan hoped off he then walked around the whole classroom just watching what was happening in each enter. Walking with his hands behind his back, just…

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